Property Management


In addition to advertising your property’s availability through a variety of media for maximum exposure, we also present your property to prospective tenants and buyers, helping you stage your property to make its greatest impact. We also list your properties on our Web site’s rental page at no charge beyond our low contract rates.


We thoroughly screen prospective tenants with credit checks, employment verification, and review of previous rental histories. We explain tenants’ binding obligations with regard to the care and maintenance of your property, and furnish property condition reports at the outset and completion of leases.


Following tenant screenings, we negotiate comprehensive lease rates agreements on, prepare rental documents and written policies, and collect deposits on your behalf. Lease rates are negotiated based on up-to-date market data, ensuring you earn the maximum from your investment portfolio.

All monies collected are administered via trust accounts, from which funds are distributed to owners on a monthly basis. We are among a limited number of property management firms with the ability to automatically deposit directly into your personal checking account.


Using our on-line accounting system, we provide our clients monthly financial reports, including cash flow, income and expense statements, and summaries for income tax purposes. We also provide year-end statements for each property we manage, to make documentation easier to manage come tax time.


We employ in-house staff to deliver the best quality maintenance services quickly and efficiently. Our highly-qualified, professionally-trained personnel handle scheduled renovations, emergency repairs, property inspections and basic and preventative maintenance. Keeping our work in house – versus relying on outside vendors – offers exceptional service at the most affordable cost.

Well-maintained properties provide a better return on investment through savings on operating expenses and better tenant retention. Not only do these properties increase in value, but they also command higher rent rates. Regular maintenance can also prevent injuries and subsequent lawsuits from property-related accidents.