Rental Qualifications


  1. All applicants must complete an application thoroughly with reliable documentation and telephone numbers for former landlord, references and all verification of income to qualify. A separate application is required for all adults 18 years of age and older.
  2. Western Property Group must have a credit report on file for each qualifying applicant. The processing fee is $20 (CASH ONLY) and is NON-REFUNDABLE. The credit report must be generated by Western Property Group and requires a social security number to do so. Copied or faxed reports will not be accepted.
  3. Once approved, deposit(s) and 1st month’s rent is needed to move-in and must be paid with GUARANTEED FUNDS (cashier’s check or money order) prior to receiving any keys.


  1. If employed, please supply two most recent pay stubs, letter from employer or previous years W-2s.
  2. If self-employed, please furnish the last two year’s of tax return and all documentation for the current year.
  3. Other income such as trust, retirement, AFDC, SDI, or other sources must have reliable, verifiable documentation (e.g. child support, alimony and legal settlement).


  1. All income reported must be verifiable as stated above and based on a combined monthly income (usually 2 ½ times the rent).
  2. Information provided, either false or incorrect, shall be deemed reason for denial of occupancy.
  3. Credit report shows no evictions, recent collections or more than 3 accounts with late pays within the last 3 years.


  1. Types, sizes and breeds of animals allowed will vary with each owner and property.
  2. Expect to pay an additional security deposit prior to occupancy, which will vary. Minimum deposit of $250 for cats, birds and reptiles and minimum deposit of $500 for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds.


  1. Photo documentation such as a driver’s license, military ID, state ID, green card or passport is required when an application is submitted